Ohio Billing, Inc was founded in 1993 by Terri L. Davis –the founder and President of Ohio Billing, Inc.  has been responsible for perfecting the  processes that successfully resulted in the success of the growth of Ohio Billing, Inc. Terri is actively involved with the day to day operations, striving to provide a blend of wisdom, compassion and vision of strengthening this organization. When Terri is not at the office assisting Ohio Billing, Inc. employees you will find her actively involved in her local community volunteering her time, making a difference in the many lives she impacts.
Terri is passionate about helping people and she proves it every day.

Ohio Billing, Inc. adapts to fit the needs of the EMS providers whom we service by constantly remaining current and informed regarding changes affecting the reimbursement aspect of the Fire and EMS industry.

Ohio Billing, Inc. strives to maximize our customers’ profitability and satisfaction through the improvement of our services while remaining focused on reimbursement and data management for our clients. Ohio Billing, Inc. adapts to fit the needs of the EMS providers whom we service by constantly remaining current and informed regarding changes affecting the reimbursement aspect of the EMS industry.  Our mission is to serve our clients and their patients with value-added, innovative services that enhance the delivery of a cost-effective EMS billing program.

Most importantly, Ohio Billing, Inc. offer billing and support services that are custom tailored to each client. From resident tracking to fiscal reporting, everything we provide is exclusively designed with you, the customer in mind. Locally owned and operated, employing Ohio consumers, generating dollars throughout communities in the State of Ohio. 

By Alex Knisely
Original article published March 16, 2016 by Times Reporter Ohio

Terri Davis’ dream is real: she owns her own business. The CEO of Ohio Billing said she used to have lots of visions of herself at the helm of a business, but it was just a matter of when.

In 1995, that opportunity came to fruition, and it’s been one Davis has been holding onto for 21 years.

“My dream is real,” Davis said sitting inside the Ohio Billing office on Edgebrook Road NE in Bolivar. “Being a graduate of Buckeye (Career Center), I had that ‘entrepreneur brain.’ ”

Davis’ business that that operates as an outside billing source for ambulance companies and fire departments has developed since its inception 23 years ago, showing growth in terms of staffing and moving from a log cabin into actual office space.


Before taking a job at Ohio Billing, Davis worked at a durable medical equipment company, whose owner bought an ambulance business. Davis started working in the billing department of that business, which became Ohio Billing. The company officially launched Feb. 26, 1993.

With changes is the business dynamics, Davis acquired full ownership of the billing business in 1995.

“I was very nervous, because I have a fear of failing,” Davis recalled when she became the owner of Ohio Billing. ”(The business) grew very quickly.”

After taking over, Davis moved the business from the Dover-New Philadelphia area and into her home, a log cabin just north of Bolivar.

The company grew to 11 women, and by 2003, Ohio Billing took up shop at its current spot — a former floral store — on Edgebrook Road, staffed with 16 women.

Ohio Billing serves various ambulance services and fire departments throughout the Buckeye State and contracts with private ambulance companies, townships and municipalities. The company also sends invoices to third-party insurance carriers and works accounts receivable management.

“We’re you’re complete one-stop shop,” Davis said to describe her business.


Working in the medical and accounting industries for almost her entire career (not to mention attending Buckeye Career Center in the 1980s for accounting), Davis said she’s a part of an open-ended field.

“Health care itself is challenging, but I always like the challenge,” Davis said. “It’ll be interesting to see where health care takes us.”

Pam Sprowls, director of business development for Ohio Billing, said,

“insurance dynamics have changed, including self-insured, non-insured, fewer people having insurance.”

But the dynamics of doing business are aligned on a personal level.

“Being locally, owned and operated ... you’re talking to live people, you’re not a tracking number,” Sprowls said. “You get that hometown feel, and that’s hard when you get into corporate America.”

Davis said she can see herself in the light as being a success story of Buckeye Career Center, being a student at the vocational school and later owning her own business. And because of that, she has a passion of not only giving back to the school, but also other business women.

Working with the Small Business Development Center at Kent State University at Tuscarawas, Davis and Sprowls said they were challenged by the organization to host an event for women. The result? The Women in Business Expo, which is scheduled to have its fourth event in October.

Ohio Billing is also working with Buckeye Career to organize its second Career Connections career fair, slated for April.

Other than partnering with other organizations and planting the seed of networking, the secret to success, Davis said, is change, whether it’s making big-business decisions or something a little off-wall.

“We’re constantly changing. It’s to the point where I’ll switch up my staffs’ cubicle seats every three months to help them adapt to change,” Davis said. “If you’re not changing, you’re dying.”

Ohio Billing, Inc. is a private, locally owned and operated EMS billing service in the State of Ohio. Our company portfolio is made up of Cities, Villages, Townships and Private companies; our focus is exclusively in Fire and EMS billing in the Ohio market. Ohio Billing, Inc. offers the highest level of expertise.

Ohio Billing, Inc. was built on principles and values that we uphold every day. We truly care about the work we do and the people we do it for. Our dedicated, staff includes individuals who have been with us for many years. They understand the importance of supporting our EMS clients with superior service.

Our corporate office is nestled in the heart of Ohio, located off of I-77 at Exit 93 in Bolivar, Ohio

Ohio Billing, Inc. adapts to fit the needs of the EMS providers whom we service by constantly remaining current and informed regarding changes affecting the reimbursement aspect of the Fire and EMS industry.


We will help all EMS and Fire companies in the State of Ohio Improve Their Bottom Line, and Maximize Cash Flow.


We guide you to being a more prosperous community, even in times of difficult economic environments.