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The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy is issuing an important reminder for EMS agencies. 

Ohio Board of PharmacyAll Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs licenses expire on March 31, 2019. The license renewal period opened on February 4, 2019 and will close on March 31, 2019. Please review the information below to assist with your renewal. 

SB 229 (Eklund - 132nd General Assembly), which was recently signed into law, reduces the biennial renewal fee for EMS Satellites to $120.00 ($60.00 per year). Due to the recent nature of this change, the fee reduction could not be incorporated as part of the online renewal process. 

Therefore, in order to receive the reduced fee for Satellite locations, all Terminal Distributors with an EMS classification will be required to submit a paper application and check/money order for each license renewal. Refunds will not be issued to licensees who pay the full fee in the eLicense Ohio system. 

IMPORTANT: Each license needs its own renewal application. If a licensee has a headquarters and four satellite locations, that licensee must submit five renewal applications.

Please review the list of licenses below and take one of the following actions for each license: 

1.)  No changes needed – complete the renewal application for each license (headquarters and satellite) with the current information listed below and mail the completed application with payment (check or money order) to the Board. The EMS renewal application can be found here

2.)  Changes needed (address, category, etc.) – complete the renewal application with the updated information and mail the completed application with payment (check or money order) to the Board. The EMS renewal application can be found here

3.)  License is no longer needed – complete a Discontinuation of Business form available here and submit to the Board via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may view your current drug list on file with the Board here. If your drug list needs to be updated, be sure to include the full list of all dangerous drugs with strengths and dosage form and have the Medical Director sign the list. A sample drug list form can be accessed here. Submit the updated drug list to the Board for approval by using the Document Upload page. As a reminder, the Board does not require updated copies of your personnel list or protocols.

IMPORTANT: If uploading a new drug list, be advised that this will replace the current drug list on file. The list should include all drugs (not just updates) that may be purchased and possessed by the licensee. 

FOR CHANGE OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON: For this renewal only, a licensee may include a change of responsible person form with the paper application.  

For assistance registering for an account or resetting a password in eLicense Ohio, please contact the eLicense Customer Service Center, which can be reached by calling 855-405-5514.

The eLicense Customer Service Centers serves all Ohio Boards and Commissions licensees and applicants. Callers may experience hold times or delays during overlapping renewal cycles across the state's Boards and Commissions.